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Sumba was first ‘discovered’ by surfers


Sumba was first ‘discovered’ by surfers – those guys deeply madly in love with the ocean have made this island one of their perfect playgrounds. We heart those ideal long waves as much as they do!

Of course, Sumba was once discovered by European explorers. In 1866, the island has become a Dutch colony. Numerous ships were exporting sandalwood from here. In the recent history of the pearl of the Lesser Sunda Isles, however, Sumba was rediscovered by surfers.

Obsessed with ocean, these guys made the island into one of the most prominent surfing sites in the world. Sumba was starring in many movies about surfers, this is where the maitres and world-famous tide tamers gather. Champions of the most popular contests think it incumbent upon themselves to come to this pristine island and see everything with their own eyes. Ideal waves – long and smooth – make the zest of the island as pertains to sports.

One of the first hotels on the tribal island of Nihiwatu was founded by a traveller who was exploring Indonesia on a quest for his ideal wave and has found it on Sumba. The famous Nihiwatu surf spot, deemed the most luxurious and exclusive for its magnificent waves, is located just a hundred meters away from the hotel. The waves are very long, impetuous and have excellent curves.

Demand breeds supply, so the island of Sumba is now facing a boom in the hotel industry, with ever more hotels, including special hotels for surfers, opening one after another. Along with the increase in tourist traffic, investors’ interest towards investments into this promising rapid-growing region that thrives upon marvellous natural environment and ideal ocean waves.

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