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Sumba rampant development increased the investors flow to the island.


Since the new president arrived the issue of tourism development as the financial basis of the state stability has been brought to the fore. At present Sumba, located within one-hour’s flight of the tourists absolute favourite Bali, is among major investments pies. The government of Indonesia puts high hopes on the island which is twice as large as Bali is terms of the area (11 153 km2) and undoubtedly surpasses it in beauty of the coast lines and numerous luxurious beaches.

Rapid reclamation of the new region Sumba started already several years ago. In addition to the eastern airport, one more airport – Tambolaka – was opened in the west of the island. This gave investors an opportunity to familiarize with another part of the formerly unexplored Sumba. In the beginning the airport resembled a small provincial house, nowadays it is a modern building.

Only a short time ago in order to get to the famous lovely beaches of Kita and Kawona located not far from the airport you had to make your way through the jungle, now macadamised road Jalan Pantura goes there. The new bridge connected the administrative complex with the territory of the Tambolaka airport thereby reducing the travel time to 10-15 minutes.

This year to inspire the tourist flow development several important communication lines will be built. A new macadamised road to the Weekuri beach will appear in Kodi Balagar region. Moreover, 1.5 billion rupiahs will be alloted for the development of the beach Pantai Weekauri itself. Also 4 kilometers of the new road which will connect Kodi, Ratenggaro, Wainyapu and the Watumalando beach will be constructed.

«When the infrastructure development outpaces the tourist flow – it is economically advantageous, as it also delivers benefit to the local community. People’s quality of life will improve, because new workplaces will appear and it will open up possibilities for travelling. », – said head of the Land Committee BPN Wakil Bupati Sumba Barat Daya, Drs. Ndara Tanggu Kaha.

Alongside with construction of the tourist roads to the Pantai Weekauri and Watumalando beaches, in 2015 dual highways from Tambolaka airport downwards practically along the coast to the south-western part of the island and a high road from Watukawula beach will be erected.

Allegedly several famous hotel brands are now considering Sumba part of their further development and plan to start the construction of big resorts there in the next couple of years.

Today about 60 hotels of various categories for comfortable accommodation for any budget are opened in Sumba. For unpretentious travellers in need of an inexpensive shelter without any frills and a good wave there are budget choices (homestays) like Pero Mandorak. Accomodation in such homestays is only 200 000 -250 000 IDR. Also there are luxury villas for those who dream of comfort in a paradise far from civilization. If you are part of them, you must go to Nihiwatu Resort and Sumba Nautil Resort. If you are ready to spend a little less for recreation and are not chasing luxury, but breath-taking views from the window are still important for you, maybe you must stay at Peter’s Magic Paradise Resort. We would only advise to plan your trip well in advance, because the hotel rooms are practically never empty.

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