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So the question is: why Sumba?


So the question is: why Sumba?

With the choice of more than 17500 islands, why is it Sumba exactly that you have to invest in? Well, the truth is land in Bali is getting more and more expensive every year so the smart investors and the owners of well-established Bali businesses alike have been setting their feet at the neighborhood islands for quite a while. What choice are we having here? Not much, really. Lombok took off rapidly few years ago with many big players willing to be a part of this promising destination but then the growth has slowed down significantly for the whole set of reasons, one of which was the majority of locals being strictly Muslim and not really open to the cultural changes the development of the island gonna bring their way. Gili islands are pretty but too small – there is literally no more room left for any new project. Amazing Flores has been attracting some serious investments for the last few years but the infrastructure of the island was not ready for that boom: now the island is experiencing a major garbage issue, the roads are still not complete and the budget accommodations that keep popping up scares the luxury businesses off – all in all, Flores is struggling to cope. Sumbawa is still too raw. Raja Ampat is too far away.

And here comes Sumba. An island that is still pretty wild, but has all the potential to become a dream investment destinations. The local population is 80% Christian, which makes it easier for them to deal with the Westerners, and vice versa. The landscape of the island is flat, which means that the waste problem typical to Bali, when the mountain rivers during the rainy season bring all the trash from the centre of the island to the beaches, is not gonna be an issue. The coastline is all white sand and perfect waves. The nature is pure with the crystal-clear waterfalls and emerald hills. The cultural heritage is fascinating: the megalithic tombs, traditional ikat weaving, horse breeding, tribal arts and crafts can satisfy the most curious tourist, which is a great point of attraction. And the award-winning Nihiwatu resort has proved that luxury establishment with the high green standards and responsibilities can become an extremely successful enterprise in Sumba. Hungry for even more good news? Here you go: Sumba has plenty of room left, and even beachfront is pretty affordable. But be warned though: it’s just the matter of time.

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