Notaries & Lawyers

Notaries & Lawyers

Currently there are no English speaking lawyers on Sumba.

Notaries are present in two regencies:
Sumba Barat Daya (SBD) and
Sumba Barat (SB), and are entitled to work only in their regencies.

Notary at Sumba Barat
Address :
  Sandy Tendean SH

Jl Basuki Rahmat no 36, Waikabubak

Tel.:   0813321912555

Notary at Central Sumba

Address : Pau Djara Liwe, SH

Jl Ahmad Yani

Tel.:    038761717

Notary at Sumba Barat Daya
Address :
 Frince Manokaka SH

Jl Waitabula

Tel.:   081295799983

The Head of the Regency (Chamat) is responsible for giving the necessary
authority in order to buy a piece of land in Central or Eastern Sumba.

Notaries fees – 1% of transaction value

Chamat fees -5% of transaction value

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