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Sumba island is Indonesia’s best secret paradise!


Sumba island is Indonesia’s best secret paradise. Unique culture, ancient tribal traditions and amazing nature. Step by step discovering a new virgin beaches with huge turtles, new spectacular surf spots, new secrets of tribal life we would like to introduce…

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So the question is: why Sumba?


So the question is: why Sumba? With the choice of more than 17500 islands, why is it Sumba exactly that you have to invest in? Well, the truth is land in Bali is getting more and more expensive every year…

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Indonesia’s New Age: It’s not all about Bali


Indonesian archipelago consists of more than 17500 islands  – large, medium or too tiny to count them in – that’s why the official number always varies. However, when mentioning Indonesia to a random acquaintance only a few destinations would normally…

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Music and Dance Festivals

Bali dance

Traditional music and dance were originally a part of Marapu ceremonies. Today they also take place in local festivals and events. Each region of Sumba has its own types of dance. There are dances where women and men dance together…

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In Sumba, there is always something to celebrate somewhere. Celebrating and inviting more people than necessary is part of their culture. You need not necessarily attend a big festival or ceremony. If you know a little Bahasa Indonesia, it is…

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