Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

How long it is to fly from Bali to Sumba?
Sumba is 300km to the East of Bali and an hour by air.

How often do the planes fly to Sumba?
There are two airports in Sumba: Tambolaka and Wainapu.
There are two flights per day from Bali both to Tambolaka and Wainapu.

Which companies fly to Sumba?
Garuda Airlines and  Lion Air.

What is the tickets price from Bali?
Usd 50-120

Is the airport international?
Not yet

How big is the island?
Sumba has an area of 216km by 60/100 wide.

How good is the infrastructure?
At the moment the big plan is under way to complete the ring road around Sumba and to connect
both airports with the beautifull beaches on thesouth side if the island.
The project to be completed be the end of 2015

What sports are good in Sumba?
Surfing, one of the best on the islands, snorkling and diving are good in Sumba

What is the religion?
All sumbanese population is 80% christian and 20% animist

Is the local population friendly?
Yes, very friendly.

How long it takes to get from the airports to the South?
From Tambolaka to the South ( Nihivatu area) around 1.5 houre.
From Wainapu to the South- 60 km and around 4 houres at the moment, but the new road is to
be constructed.

Wich part of the island is more developed?
The area of Sumba Barat and Central Sumba

Which area of Sumba is good for investment?
At the moment South Sumba and East Sumba, most areas in the North are easier to reach and
much more expencive as a result.

How is purchase and sales deed proceeded?
At the local notary

How much do the notary expences cost?
1% of the sale price

What are the taxes on land purchase?
5% on the buyer side and 5% on the seller side, if the deed is between privete persons,
no companies involved.

How long does it take to buy land?
Up to 6-8 months if the land owner has to proceed with issuing initial certificates or
1-2 months if the land is sold with certificates.

How much it costs to build 1 km of road ?
Within the range of 300mln Rupiah or Usd 24,000, ground road.

How much it costs to bring electricity and water to the land?
Depends on the location of the land.

How to check if the land doesn t have problems with ownership
rights( double certificates, etc) ?

Due dilligence should be done initially, checking the ownership rights with kades ( head of village) and
BPN ( land agency), related to the land.

Are all constructional materials available in Sumba?
Not really, Sumba is underdeveloped area in terms of construction, and most of the basic constructional
materials are available, everything to cater to more sofisticated development should be shipped from
Java, Bali or elsewhere.

What is the average salary in Sumba?
Usd 150.

What is BPN?
Land agency, responsible for issuing land certificates and jeeping track of all land transactions.
4 Bpn agencies operate in Sumba, each responsible for its province:
Sumba Barat Daya, or SBD
Sumba Barat, or SB
Central Sumba
Eastern Sumba

What is dynamics of the land price growth in Sumba?
Depending on the area, from 50 to 100%

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