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The most exclusive tropical undeveloped private beach lands for sale!

Welcome to Sumba Island, Indonesia!

Sumba is one of the fastest  developing islands in Indonesia. It has  two airports and extensive new roads construction. The Island has some of the greatest surfing and scuba diving locations in the world. Sumba has an incredible diverse and unspoiled nature. In the past years price of land was increasing by 100% every year.

This unique island is referred to as the rising star of Indonesia. Arguably, this is the most attractive location in Asia in terms of opportunities for future tourism development and growth.

Sumba is located just one hour flight from the famous Bali, in the eastern part of Indonesia, and belongs to the Lesser Sunda islands, the Eastern Nusa Tenggara Province, Indonesia.

The island is covered with tropical jungles, emerald lakes and magnificent pristine bays with aquamarine colored ocean touching fantastic white sand beaches.

The island is ideal for all kinds of recreation activities: surfing, diving, snorkeling, jungle trecking, ocean, lake and river fishing, canoing, sailing and horse riding.

Sumba is not just about some of the best beaches in Indonesia and the world, it also offers many other fascinating and diverse religion and culture. It is only majority Christian island in Indonesia. It is also home to the ancient tribal traditions that were preserved over many centuries and can now be seen nowhere else.

Natural properties of the island are second to none amongst all the islands of Indonesia. Green savanna areas in the humid southern regions and limestone hills in the north, where the climate tends to be more dry. It’s south is famous for surfing, the north for diving, whereas the central region is where the cultural and religious heritage is located with villages offering an insight into the everyday life and unique tribal traditions of the native population. This rich diversity making every visitor to fall deeply in love with Sumba.

The island offers ideal waves for beginner and professional surfers alike, whereas those keen on diving can enjoy numerous sites with crystal clear water, rich corals and an amazing  marine life of the ocean.

Today, Sumba is undergoing the construction boom. Real estate and infrastructure projects including new international hotels, two airports and the orbital motorway around the entire island, which will extend the accessibility to all unique scenic beaches of the island. Today Sumba enjoys the continuously growing influx of investments and new tourists both from Indonesia and abroad.

Sumba Realty is specialize and focus on the incredible opportunities of the fast growing real estate market of the island. We offer unique beachfront land  for sale starting from 1 and up to 100 hectares.

Do not miss this rare and exceptional investment opportunity to buy your own tropical paradise!

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